Material Guide

Choose the right material for the job

Dilite - is a lightweight but strong aluminium composite panel with a polyethylene core. It is used for interior and exterior flat signage applications.

Foamex - is a renowned brand of expanded vinyl material. Foamex sheeting is crafted by compressing PVC foam, resulting in a robust board known for its durability. This rigid and hardwearing material is remarkably lightweight, making it perfect for various sign and display applications.

Foamex sheeting boasts water repellent properties, making it weatherproof and resistant to moisture ingress, which is ideal for outdoor use. It comes with a UV stability warranty, guaranteeing up to 7 years of outdoor and 10 years of indoor use without fading.

HIPS – High Impact Polystyrene, it is a tough, strong, rigid plastic material with high impact strength. Yes, it is versatile and recyclable.

TroLase - is a premium brand of laserable plastic crafted for superior laser engraving performance. With a vibrant coloured or metallic top layer and a distinctive acrylic core, these laser materials are UV stable, ensuring durability for outdoor applications. TroLase also offers a thin, flexible option with an adhesive backing, perfect for creating high-quality labels and stickers. 

Vinyl - is a versatile material offering a broad range of durability options, from single-use applications to a 10-year lifespan for exterior use.

We meticulously craft our products to the highest standards and latest technology to guarantee optimal performance for their intended purpose. Please review our fitting guide to ensure correct installation, minimising any potential issues.