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Datasheet for Grafityp LAM171UV Laminate

Datesheet for M7 Metamark Vinyl

Datasheet for MetaGrab® MD5-UB

Trolase Technical Data Sheet

Trolase Materials Safety Data Sheet

Cable Ties Datasheets

14-FM07 Foam Tape Datasheet

Latest generation all weather acrylic adhesive foam tape designed to be applied in in temperatures as low as -12°C. With an inherent long term adhesion and excellent shear strength it can withstand the most extreme weather conditions.

Tecman-14-Fm07-Technical-Data-Sheet (PDF)

13-FL03 Double Sided Tape Technical Datasheet

A high coat weight double sided PVC tape with incredibly aggressive adhesive making it one of the highest performing double sided film tapes available. Its adhesive system is designed to bond well to medium surface energy substrates.

Tecman-13-Fl03-Technical-Data-Sheet (PDF)

Cleaning Wipe ADH1610SDS

This Safety Data Sheet contains information concerning the potential risks to those involved in handling,
transporting and working with the material, as well as describing potential risks to the consumer and the
environment. This information must be made available to those who may come into contact with the
material or are responsible for the use of the material.

This Safety Data Sheet is prepared in accordance with formatting described in the REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006, and described in CLP Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008.

Cleaning Wipe ADH1610SDS (PDF)


JPS Internal Quality Policy

This is our JPS Online Internal Quality Policy put in place to ensure we exceed our customers expectations.

Internal Quality Policy – JPSQM001

JPS Term & Conditions of Sales


JPS Credit Application Form

Our credit application form is our verification layer when doing business with you.

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Credit-Application-Form-21-22 (DOC)

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