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Introducing… Our E-File Tutorial

Are you frustrated with your labels coming through wrong from other manufacturers? Find it difficult to communicate precisely what you eed on your small signage? Haven’t got time to type out an order from scratch?

At JPS Online we solved all these problems with our personalised E-File order form. Accessed through our customer dashboard, it templates everything you need to make an accurate label or small signage order quickly.

New E-File Tutorial & Video

Now we have made it even easier for you, by producing dedicated video and pdf tutorials to get the most out of our E-File order form.

Everyone absorbs information differently and with these two options you are bound to find the best tutorial for you. The five-minute video is broken into seven short chapters so you can watch it in one go or skip to the part you need. The written tutorial is similarly navigable.

Video TutorialWritten Tutorial

JPS Online – Always Embracing Technology

We have always felt that technology is the future. So we are continuously looking for ways to harness technology to improve the experience for our customers.

First and foremost, this comes through our printing and engraving equipment.

We invest in the latest machines to ensure we provide the best products possible. This includes laser engraving to capture the most exact detail – ideal for clearly displaying technical information and also for including important branding on your labels. 

For printing, our modern UV-cured ink process means you can rely on our labels for longevity. This helps you with regulatory compliance and delivering a quality service to your customers.

Our embracing of technology does not stop there. We also use carriage partners who will text you delivery updates for your peace of mind.

“Measure twice, cut once”

We know that, like all our customers, you are busy. But if you have any questions about the E-File do spend a bit of time digesting the tutorial. We do like an adage at JPS Online, and in this instance the old carpentry saying “Measure twice, cut once” springs to mind.

Sparing a small amount of time upfront to use our E-File correctly will save you far more time later on, from getting the job done right on the first go – just like the wise old carpenter knows.

If you have any questions about the E-File or our tutorials, or would like to discuss your labels with an expert, the number is 01285 650441. We are always happy to talk to our customers.


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